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Friday April 1, 4pm – 6pm
April 1 – 8, daily
T — 08 6168 7772

Over 7 days in April, visit Petition Wine Bar & Merchant as we demystify the winemaking process by bringing people and producers together to learn about, taste and create wine in an urban environment.

From Friday 1 April to Friday 8 April, L.A.S. Vino’s winemaker Nic Peterkin, will install and run a fully functional urban winery at Petition Wine Bar & Merchant.

“Wine is about friends coming together, sharing a few bottles with some delicious food, talking and having fun. This project brings all of those elements together, a perfect storm of wine” says Nic.

“The urban winery concept is about demystifying the process and involving people from grape to glass”.

Grapes will be hand-picked in Margaret River and transported to Perth. The aim of the project is to experiment and create small batch individual demijohns of wine.“ Wines that we don’t get a chance to make in the winery on a larger scale” says Nic. It’s still early days but the hope is to make a small batch red wine, a rosé, a South African style straw wine made from Chenin blanc and hopefully an Amaroné style Shiraz, depending on what fruit is ripe at the time.

The grapes will be squeezed onsite at Petition Wine Bar & Merchant, in a little old fashioned basket press and fermented in numerous antique glass demijohns using different yeasts. Visitors to Petition Wine Bar & Merchant will be able to sample the different ferments as they progress. They will also be able to taste the finished wine straight from the barrel and enjoy a glass of what is fermenting or in demijohn onsite.

Towards the end of the process we hope to hand bottle wine straight from barrel or demijohn for customers to have delivered to their door. Every step from picking to bottling and of course drinking, will be experienced in this urban winery concept.

“The wine will be pretty natural, kind of raw and will need to be consumed within a few weeks, but it tastes delicious” according to Nic.

During the week long installation, on Tuesday 5th April, Nic will host a Meet the Maker style presentation from 5.30pm-7.30pm at Petition Wine Bar & Merchant where he will give further insight to the urban winery concept and his label, L.A.S Vino.

L.A.S Vino is currently seeking budding winemakers to help pick the grapes, press the juice and drink lots of wine from the 1st-8th April at Petition Wine Bar & Merchant.

On Friday April 1 from4pm, grapes will be hand pressed on-site and then throughout the week watch while fermentation progresses in 50L demijohns.

The art and science of winemaking in action!

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