State Buildings
Cnr St Georges Tce & Barrack St.
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Breakfast and a Bloody Mary has long been a suburban affair. Think again and start your day in the historic heart of Perth.

History is open to interpretation from the events that shape nations to the origins of a breakfast tipple. Take the Bloody Mary, a drink that has numerous claims on its creation, and its name, that pull in everyone from Queen Mary, to a Chicagoan waitress, a New York comedian and a globetrotting bartender. Whatever the true story, it’s now the go to breakfast or brunch livener, whether you’ve indulged the night before or not.

Getting this classic right was on the mind of Venue Manager, Jay Pike when crafting the perfect Bloody Mary for Petition Kitchen. Amid the history of the State Buildings, breakfast and brunch at Petition Kitchen doesn’t get much better. Jesse Blake’s breakfast menu goes from virtuous to not so, with Bircher at one end and chorizo, morcilla hash with eggs and bacon at the other. For Jay the challenge was to craft a Bloody Mary that would stand with Jesse’s menu, not shrink into the background or tower above. Enter the Bloody Helen and Petition Bloody Mary, the perfect accompaniment to Blake’s menu.

Helen has a history of her own. In 1829 on the site of Petition, Miss Helen Dance felled a tree to mark the foundations of the city. Now over 185 years later new life and community is being formed in the historical heart of Perth. Helen is the traditional take on the Bloody Mary, offering a good kick of spice and Ketel One vodka, quality tomato juice and garnished with celery and lemon. The Petition Bloody Mary is a twist on the classic blueprint. A horseradish kick, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce and lemon juice all play their part with vodka making way for house flavoured green peppercorn gin and a black salt rim garnish.

With breakfast service starting from 7am daily and brunch from 8am on weekends, mornings in Perth’s historic heart couldn’t taste better.

— Max Brearley

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